Call of Cthulhu

The Corbbit House, Game Day 1
In which the players come together to solve the haunting of the Corbbit House

Involved Characters:
Antony “Tall Tony”
Florence Keats
Theron Richfield
Clancy “Bang” Everlast
Nick Frost, P.I.

Date: March 17th, 1926

Tall Tony, Florence, Theron, Bang, and Nick Frost are brought together by a mutal friend, the landlord of a certain Corrbit House. The tennets of which recently went insane, resulting in the suicide of a Mr. Flowers and the admittence of his wife, Annabel, to the Arkham Asylum. The new friends were hired to give the house a “clean bill of health”, make the owner feel more comfortable to rent the house again. Tall Tony, Bang, and Nick Frost forwent the reward of $20 a day with a $100 bonus if the house is safe.

Tall Tony, Bang, and Florence head to Arkham Aslyum to talk to Mrs. Flowers. A little pursuasion from Tall Tony and the credentials of Nurse Florence let the group in to see the misses. She claimed to see floating dishes, odd sounds from the basement, and saw burning-red eyes while she slept. Meanwhile, Theron and Nick walk over to the Corrbit house to examine the exterior, finding two of the five windows boarded, and the side door locked from the inside.

The group join back up to research the house at the Boston Public Library. They find that the previous owners have all met a grim end, usually in the form of a suicide of a male in the house. They also find that the first owner, Walter Corbbit, was a social deviant, and requested that his body be buried in the basement. The executor of his will was the Church of Contemplation of His Lord, Granter of Secrets, which oddly enough, stood next door to the Corbbit house. Nick Frost used him charms to win over a librarian and see a copy of the Corbbit house schematics. Later, at the Hall of Records, they find that the federal government raided the Church of Contemplation in 1912, where they seized property and arrested cultists.

Tall Tony arranged for two hotel rooms for the group, so they could stay in the immediate area and prepare for the entry of the Corbbit house.


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