Florence Keats

Florence Keats is a nurse who worked with the Red Cross during the Great War


STR:10 DEX:13 INT:15 Idea:75

CON:14 APP:11 POW:9 Luck:45

SIZ:15 SAN:45 EDU:15 Know:75

Sanity Points: 53Magic Points: 9Hit Points: 15

Investigator Skills (Non- Base)
  • Biology: 20%
  • Chemistry: 20%
  • Hide: 50%
  • Library Use: 26%
  • Listen: 60%
  • Medicine: 99%
  • Persuade: 40%
  • Pharmacy: 40%
  • Psychoanalysis: 70%
  • Psychology: 20%
  • Sneak: 21%
  • Spot Hidden: 59%
  • Handgun: 99%
    • Weapon: .32 Automatic Colt 1911 Skill:99% Damage: 1d8 Malfunction: 99-00 Range: 15 yds #Att: 3 Shots: 8 HP: 8

Age: 27

Occupation: Nurse

Birthplace: Nashville, TN

College, Degrees: Vanderbilt University. Nursing

Mental Disorders: None

Current residence: Kingsport, MA

Personal Description: tall with medium build and brown curly bob hairstyle

Family & Friends: Parents, older brother, sister-in-law, and three nephews residing in Nashville, TN

Investigator History: Florence served as a Red Cross nurse in the Great War from 1917-1918 after graduating from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Nursing. She was stationed in Dunkirk, France tending to British, Belgium, and American Troops. After the war, she was stationed in Boston, MA to help aid with victims if the Spanish Flu. She was then hired to work at Congregational Hospital in Kingsport, MA.

Florence Keats

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